Coburn Park – Within Walking Distance From Downtown Skowhegan

Coburn Park is located on the eastern end of Water Street in Skowhegan.   The land on which this park is located was originally known as the Russell Lot and owned by the former Governor, Abner S. Coburn and his brother, Philander Coburn.   In 1885, by his will, Abner Coburn, a Skowhegan native, gave to the Town his share of the land for a community park.   Twenty years later the Town accepted the remainder of the “Russell Lot” from the heirs of Philander Coburn. Land has also been donated by the Skowhegan Water Company and Somerset Woods Trustees.

Coburn Park consists of approximately twelve and one-half acres, located on the bend of the beautiful Kennebec River.   Since 1903, citizens each year have improved the park by planting flowers, shrubs and trees.  At the present time there are well over 200 species of trees growing.  The park is for all to enjoy, the young and the old alike. We welcome visitors from near and far.  All that we ask is that you share with us the responsibility of keeping Coburn Park a very special place for all. (From the beautiful plaque painted by Ben Gilbert and attached to the bandstand in Coburn Park and is courtesy of the Skowhegan Community Action Group.


Hospice Memorial





Thanks and deep appreciation are extended to:
 Mark Frazier of Fraz Landscaping for the stone work and the Bloomfield Garden Club under the direction of master gardener Patricia Horine for the planted shrubs and flowering plants. Patricia Horine continues to maintain the gazebo and area. The GFWC/Dove Society maintains the Margaret Chase Smith Rose Garden, the Peace Garden and the GFWC/Dove Society Garden. The Bloomfield Garden Club maintains the Hospice Garden. The GFWC/Semper Fidelis Club this year planted a Domestic Violence Garden (all purple flowers) in recognition of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs signature project of Domestic Violence Awareness. Thank you to Marjorie Black and her husband Ralph for their donation of the Hospice Sign and Ken Brooks for painting this sign.

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